AGM this Sunday

Please come to the Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group’s Annual General Meeting this Sunday at 6.30 at the Blackwood pub.

All positions will be declared vacant and it is hoped that a new dynamic committee will be elected to bring energy to the group.

President’s Report

This report will be very brief, because the group has been dormant.  No office bearer currently lives full-time in Blackwood and secretary Johnno has moved to Melbourne.  Louis and Kellie have moved to Ballarat, although they continue to spend some weekends here.

I too am not in Blackwood very often and am more than fully occupied trying to build my third local newspaper in Melbourne’s CBD into a sustainable business.

I am happy to stay on to steer the ship (having the most corporate knowledge of the group and the funding environment it operates within), but have neither the time nor the energy to do more.  The group badly needs a secretary – someone to set the agenda and drive the progress.

The last year has been a holding exercise – keeping the group together in name – in the hope that some new blood can be introduced to re-energise it.  It is quite financial and has sound reporting, communication and recording structures.

There has been keen interest from some newcomers and there is every reason to hope that the reins can be passed to a new generation of local Landcarers.

Vale John Davies

It was a shock to learn of the recent sudden passing of John Davies.  While Pat Liffman provided the drive and spark in the past, John provided the knowledge.

He was intensely knowledgeable about the bush and was very generous with his time.  His company and his knowledge will be sadly missed.

Steps have been taken to apply for the Whipstick Walking Loop to have its name changed to the John Davies Walking Loop.  John was the inspiration and driving force behind the building of this track and such a renaming would be entirely appropriate.

I will give more of an update on progress at the meeting.

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