Community chipping machine arrives

Hansa C13 Chipper

Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group has bought a Hansa C13 chipping machine for use by the local community.

The machine is quite robust and is capable to handling branches up to 90mm in diameter. It’s a step up from a domestic chipper and a step under a fully commercial model.

Hansa C13 Chipper comes to Blackwood and Barry's Reef
Hansa C13

Why burn your fallen tree tops when you can chip them into useful mulch for use around your property?

Use of the chipper has these benefits:
* No smoke;
* Carbon stays in the soil;
* Mulch keeps the soil moist and healthy – protecting tree roots which helps keep your trees standing for longer.

Only members can borrow the machine, but membership is open to all and costs only $10 per year. Being a member means you are covered by insurance when using the machine.

See for more information and how to book the machine.

3 Comments on “Community chipping machine arrives

  1. Hi
    I have left a request before and did not receive a response. I would like to join landcare, participate in activities after lockdown and borrow the chipper sometime
    Jeanne tahini
    Golden point road

    • Hi Jeanne
      I sent you this email on Feb 4 (below) and followed up on Feb 19 when I did not receive a response. Email from

      Hi Jeanne
      You are most welcome to become a member of Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group.
      The group meets every two months or so. The next meeting is this Sunday, Feb 9 at the community meeting room at the Blackwood Hall.
      You’ll find all our meeting agendas, minutes, etc in a DropBox that members have access to.
      Members are notified of meetings, upcoming events, etc via a group email system.
      Membership costs $10 per annum. If you are happy with this I will send an invoice (which includes our banking details). I need your address as well.
      Once the invoice is paid, you’re in!
      Shane Scanlan

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