Greendale-Trentham Rd

At Barry’s Reef

Spanish Heath is prevalent on both sides of the road on the Trentham side of the township. Some plants are quite large.

Mapping co-ordinates: -37.44361992244127, 144.28829669952466

Reported to Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) on June 26, 2020.

RRV environmental officer Sylvana Mitchell visited Blackwood on July 24 and toured this site with Blackwood Landcare. Sylvana undertook to get this area into an upcoming works program (along with other weeds prevalent at the site).

As at September 14, 2020, RRV said: “From what I recall, the Spanish Heath plants that we observed north of the township, between Thurgood Lane South and Thurgood Lane North are in a spot where there’s no shoulder nor a safe sightline distance for the contractor to operate safely and would require traffic management control. Unfortunately we’re unable to fund it due to financial budget constraints. There were patches of noxious weeds in the vicinity so we may address this towards the end of financial year if funds become available or in the following year.  I will however ask the contractor to inspect the site for their opinion.”

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