Greenhills Rd

Along the sides and back of the cleared land near the nursery.

Woody weeds infestation.

Mapping co-ordinates: -37.50397242241509, 144.29327487945642

Reported to DELWP at the May 14, 2020 Blackwood Weeds Forum.

DELWP response: As at June 24, 2020, DELWP was applying for funding for a three year program to tackle this problem. Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group has provided a letter of support for the application.

On August 11, 2020 DELWP workcentre operations co-ordinator Adrian Balharrie wrote to Blackwood Landcare: “We are still waiting to get the green light on these projects. I think there is a high chance we will get these projects up, since we had such great support from your group and Melbourne Water.”

On October 14, Mr Balharrie reported that funding had been successfully secured for this project.

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