STATUS:     Regionally Controlled Weed
STEMS:     Erect, arched or trailing up to 7m long; green to reddish purple; with numerous curved or straight thorns 3-12mm long.
LEAVES:     Dark green on the upper side and lighter underneath with fine hairs. Alternate. Leaves are usually shed in winter.
FLOWERS:     White or pink with five petals. Formed in clusters at the end of short branches.
FRUIT:     A berry changing colour from green to red, to black as it ripens 1-3cm diameter; each fleshy segments contains one seed.
INVADES:     Fertile soils, roadsides, streambanks, neglected areas, farmland, orchards, forest plantations and bushland.
DISPERSAL:     Birds (internal), animals (external), animals other than birds (internal) and vegetatively.
CONTROL:     BBRLG suggests either cutting and painting or spraying with Brush Off (or equivalent).  Use a more concentrated mix to cut and paint.  To do this, sever the stems close below the leaves close to ground and “paint” the chemical on the severed stem within 15 to 20 seconds.  Follow-up next season too.  You can also use mechanical, hand pulling and don’t forget to re-vegetate once the blackberry is gone.  Hit the plant when it is growing.