Blue Periwinkle


STATUS:    Undeclared Weed
STEMS:     Procumbent stems up to 1 m long which can root at the tips in suitable circumstances.
LEAVES:     Dark green, shiny and free of hairs
FLOWERS:     Blue purple occurring singly in axillary positions on stalks that are shorter than the leaves.
SEED:     Fertile seed is rarely (if ever) produced as most infestations consist only of female plants
INVADES:     Fertile soils, coastal, heathy and riparian environments.
DISPERSAL:     Birds (internal), animals other than birds (internal) and vegetatively.
CONTROL:     BBRLG recommended chemical spraying with Brush Off (or equivalent).  However, you should brush cut first and remove all cuttings to prevent them from re-growing.  With smaller plants, you will use less chemical. Always follow up.