English Broom


STATUS:     Regionally Controlled Weed
STEMS:     Green to brown with prominent ridges, erect, woody multi branched.
LEAVES:     Made up of three soft leaflets which are hairy underneath.
FLOWERS:     Bright yellow, pea like, about 2-2.5cm long, occurring singly or in clusters of up to nine in leaf axils. Appearing in late winter through spring.
FRUIT:     A brown or black pod, 5cm long.
SEED:     Yellow brown, shiny, rounded, flattened 3-4mm long.
INVADES:     Forests, neglected areas, roadsides and watercourses.
DISPERSAL:     Vegetatively, machinery and soil disturbance.
CONTROL:     It will take at least five years to get rid of broom. Seed can stay in the ground for 30 years but burning can germinate the seed.  BBRLG recommends hand-pulling small plants. Spray broom with a cocktail of Brush Off as directed, but also add 10ml per litre of Round Up.  Mowing can be good, as long it is before the plant seeds.