STATUS:     Undeclared Weed
STEMS:     Thick, and woody in appearance.
LEAVES:     Numerous, small white hairs covering both sides of the leaf. Leaves ovate, to 35 mm long and 15 mm wide, villous when young.
FLOWERS:     Small flowers about 2-3mm wide with small white petals often marked with a pink tinge. Flowers in April and November to December.
FRUIT:     A dry capsule; seeds reniform, tuberculate. Shiny and black; 1mm long.
INVADES:     Coastal and mallee communities.
DISPERSAL:      Wind, water and vegetatively
CONTROL:     So far, all outbreaks of Galenia in Blackwood have been controlled.  But the weed is not far away and residents needs to be vigilant, especially if bringing in soil from infected areas. We recommend hand pulling and digging to remove plant and roots and chemical spraying with a cocktail of Brush Off as directed as well as a wetting agent (Pulse) and 10ml per litre of Round Up.