Himalayan Honeysuckle


STATUS:     Environmental Weed
STEMS:     Rounded and green.
LEAVES:     The leaves are ovate to 5cm, green and opposite.
FLOWERS:     Flowers are yellow to cream and perfumed, crimson on the outside.
SEED:     Round black shiny seeds 0.5 to cm
INVADES:     Is particularly troublesome in sheltered areas, where it is invasive in damp and wet sclerophyll forests, riparian vegetation and along moist gullies.
DISPERSAL:     Seeds are most commonly spread by birds and other animals. Seeds are also dispersed by water, vehicles, in contaminated soil, and garden waste.
CONTROL:     BBRLG recommended chemical spraying with Brush Off (or equivalent).  However, you should brush-cut first and remove all cuttings to prevent them from re-growing.  With smaller plants, you will use less chemical. Always follow up.