Simmons Reef Rd

On the left-hand approach to St Erth.

Heavy Blackberry infestation.

Mapping co-ordinates: -37.47597349227365, 144.29108619689688

Reported to Shire of Moorabool on June 21, 2020.

On July 11, 2020 Moorabool natural resource management officer Tom Miller wrote in response: “From here, I’ll do some inspections to confirm the locations and site specifics before building the roads into our upcoming years’ work schedule. Our programs will start up in spring, with the bulk of our woody weed control occurring between February and May.”

On October 14, Mr Miller reported to Landcare: “I’ve been right through Blackwood and inspected all the locations you identified. Without having received any quotes yet, I think we should be able to tackle most, if not all, of these sites this year. “
“We aren’t able to engage any contractors until our environmental tender is reviewed and awarded. So, I’d be expecting work to be occurring around early January, but I’ll keep you in the loop here and might ask for some assistance form the locals regarding property alignments etc. when we’re getting into the on-ground works.”

Simmons Reef Rd
Simmons Reef Rd

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