Spanish Heath spraying

Spent some hours spraying Spanish Heath along the main road between the 80kmh signs on the long-weekend.

The weed is confined to a few select spots, but I had no idea it was so prevalent in some out of the way areas.  There’s a big infestation in a hidden gully on the right as you approach the 80 sign heading for Greendale.  And there’s other at the top of the cutting on the right on the way down to the bridge heading for Trentham.  The corner near the bridge is bad but the infestation on the Martin St corner is now under control.

VicRoads has responded well to a call out to tackle the problem on the main roads leading into Blackwood.  Frank Carland says some money has been found and that some spraying should be done soon.

Yell out if you know of some other Spanish Heath hotspots within the town.

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