Successful AGM

Well … we’ve got a Landcare group again.  Yay!

Thanks to everyone for coming along to last night’s AGM and thanks, in particular, to Peter Donnelly for putting his hand up for the secretarial role.

In other AGM news, I’m still president and Louis is still treasurer.  But the important thing is the upswing in interest from all the newcomers.  Of the nine people in attendance, I was the only one from a past era.

There are plenty of people in the town with an interest in conservation and a love of our forest. Not everyone has the time or interest in being an officer-bearer but it’s very assuring to know that there are so many people want to pitch in and help.

There are a couple of residual projects, but Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group is essentially a blank canvas ready to be painted in the image of the new and enthusiastic participants.

It was good to see first-timers Peter and Sue Donnelly as well as David Grant.  Welcome. It was also great to see John Davies’ daughter Emily (and family) who has promised to handover valuable records and resources from John.  What a great opportunity to launch into the future from such a solid base. We hope this handover happens at our first regular meeting which has been penciled in for Sunday, June 5.

Thanks also to Roger MacRaild for appearing like the cavalry from over the hill and taking care of the electoral part of the meeting.

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