War on wasps

Blackwood and Barry’s Reef Landcare Group has declared war on European Wasps.

At its April 22 meeting, the group resolved to take a leadership role against the introduced pests which have become very prevalent in Blackwood this year.

Strategies or plans are yet to be talked about any detail but, to get things rolling, here are some resources and further links.

See these documents for download:


Onkaparinaga european_wasp_brochure



Baiting European wasps pics

3 European_Wasp_Brochure_2009

See also these links:

One Comment on “War on wasps

  1. I wanted to comment that use of insecticides has a lot of collateral damage.
    In my area, we had a huge wasp problem until the heavy rainfalls of 2010.
    The wasps disappeared! I presume drowned.
    They have only now started too appear, but not as yet in large numbers.
    I kill mine at home by placing out just used cat food tins with water in them. The wasps are attracted by the smell of the food and fly down to the bowls and if they get the fat on their wings, they can’t get out and drown. And call other wasps and these drown too. And then the magpies eat them.
    I am not saying that you can do this on a large scale, but in waging a war you have to look for the weakness of the enemy, and knowledge
    is vital. Blanket use of insecticides is environmentally disastrous.

    Glenda Dodd Bullengarook Landcare.

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