Week 9 – Spanish Heath

Monday, June 8 – Sunday, June 14

So, it’s Week Nine. The end of the Ultra-Weed-a-thon. And it’s time for Spanish Heath to feel the heat.

Spanish Heath seems to be confined to our roadsides. Could it have been introduced in roadside aggregate?

In any event, we need to keep this virulent species under the control as it has been known to spread like wild-fire and take over vast areas – particularly if it is mowed.

It can be poisoned but, because it is currently in flower (seeding), the best approach is to grub it out and burn it. Try not to transport it too far least it drop seed.

See our page – http://blackwoodlandcare.org.au/our-problem-weeds/spanish-heath/ – for identification photos and further eradication techniques.

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